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A tax preparer helps businesses, business owners and individuals with their tax issues. Advice is given on everything from how best to handle basic tax returns, sales tax filing, property taxes, buying or selling a business, benefit taxes, and more. Individuals must choose the type of tax professional that is best suited for their particular situation by examining the job titles, certifications and education levels of these professionals.

Navigating the tax rules and regulations on your own can be complicated and difficult. If you have professional assistance, the process will be much easier. In Canada, taxes are a vast field and it is not always easy to find a tax expert who can help you prepare your tax returns in the exact specialty of your business or personal needs.

Since our launch, Bankeo has been helping business owners find the best tax preparer for their needs. Fill out our quick form and tell us how we can help you and your business. We'll connect you with your ideal specialist near you - easy, fast and 100% free.
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Preparation of tax reports

In addition, the tax preparer can assist accountants in preparing returns for complex businesses, trusts, and nonprofit organizations. Tax preparers check previous tax returns and financial documents for missing or incomplete information. To prepare tax returns, they will use the appropriate accounting software or system.
  • Tax Strategy Consultation
    It is important that you find a tax advisor who has a good reputation, advises you within the law and knows the area in which you need help. A good tax preparer establishes the extent of clients' tax obligations and financial situation by consulting with them. To keep abreast of changes in tax law, certified tax preparers read professional literature or attend tax seminars and training courses.
  • Compare tax preparation fees
    It may be wise to avoid specialists who base their fees on a percentage of your tax refund, income or those who claim they can get larger refunds than their competitors. When requesting information about the cost of preparing your taxes, be sure to keep your social security numbers, tax documents and other information safe.
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What is tax preparation?

Filing your tax return can be a challenge for both individuals and businesses. Tax rules are constantly changing and can often be complicated to understand.

You may think you don't need a tax preparer for your regular annual tax return or a simple T4 form, but if you've invested, bought a home, sold a property, inherited an estate, worked abroad, or are unsure if you've taken advantage of all your deductions such as child tax credits, travel expenses, interest income and expenses, it's wise to consult an expert.

Tax return experts can help prepare tax returns on the tax implications of buying and selling property, land or businesses. If your business is registered for taxes, tax preparers can help you clarify things and bring everything into compliance with laws and regulations, so that your returns are in line with the rules and you take advantage of all legal deductions.

Tax preparers help clients complete and file their tax forms. Tax professionals with a thorough understanding of tax law can review all of their clients' personal information, including social security numbers, financial statements, and personal and business expenses, to determine which expenses may qualify for tax deductions or credits. Tax preparers can also provide advice on the best steps to take to reduce taxes in the following year based on the results of a return calculation.
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How much does tax preparation cost?

It is difficult to say how much tax preparation will cost. The price is set based on many different parameters such as time, scope of the task, your personal input, etc. Often, a qualified tax preparer will rate a fixed hourly wage for a task and can also give an estimate of how much time they expect to spend on the task. Tax preparation fees can also vary depending on your location.

Ask a tax preparer for their fees when you first meet with them. We don't want any surprises, so this shouldn't be a secret. Often, you will get a matching rate if you work with the same tax preparer every year. Therefore, your tax preparer will charge you what he or she charged you the year before, and perhaps even more if your tax situation has become more complex.

There are tax preparers who charge a flat fee. Make sure you know how much your tax preparer charges per hour, as well as how much time they expect to spend on your taxes. Tax preparers typically charge between $100 and $200 per hour, depending on the type of tax forms you need to file.

At Bankeo, we don't know the exact costs for tax preparation, but we have contacts with the best tax preparers with fair and reasonable prices and you can start your search for a tax expert today.

Who needs a tax preparer?

You may need tax advice, whether you are an individual filing an individual tax return or a business owner with a more complicated tax task. Both individuals and businesses use a tax preparer to calculate and file their taxes. You can get the best results without worrying about tax preparation by finding a tax preparer and checking their credentials.

The best thing to do is to hire a tax professional. Getting a pro on your side is a good idea if you are confused by taxes or have a lot of questions.

You may think preparing your own taxes is a good idea to save money or better understand your finances. Take this as a warning: taxes can be complicated.

You may not be ready to deal with all the Revenue Agency jargon, confusing tax rules and annual changes in tax law.

When you find yourself overwhelmed by preparing and filing your own tax returns, you may want to consider hiring a tax preparer.

At Bankeo, we help both individuals and professionals. There is no limit to the size of a task we undertake to find experts. Once you fill out the form, you'll be connected with the tax preparer that best suits your needs within 48 hours and then have the freedom to choose whether you want to work with that tax preparer.
  • Tax preparation for business owners and self-employed individuals

    Consultants, freelancers and small business owners may all have to pay for self-employment taxes. Salaried individuals involved in side businesses may have to pay self-employment taxes as well as the taxes they spend on their salaried income.
  • Tax preparation for the sale or purchase of your home

    Selling or buying a home can present a variety of tax issues such as capital gains and losses, as well as deductions associated with certain home ownership expenses. A tax specialist can help you maximize your deductions so that you get the most out of your return.
  • Tax preparation for the sale of shares, corporate holdings or other important assets

    The exchange or sale of additional stocks, bonds, securities or other investments is classified as a capital asset transaction. The terms "capital gains tax" or "capital assets" scare many people, but they are not all bad. Capital transactions are essentially taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income; however, managing capital transactions can become complex. Professional advice on how to navigate your file can help you make the right decisions.

Find a tax preparer near you

There are many experts who prepare returns, but not everyone has the experience in the niche you need. It's difficult to find a qualified tax preparer by searching the Internet, which is why you can take advantage of Bankeo. Our network includes many tax preparers, and we can locate a specialist near you or with specific skills, depending on your preference.

You may want to consider looking outside of your geographic location if you can't find a tax preparer you feel comfortable working with near you. While many people prefer in-person meetings with tax preparers, you are not limited to those in your city - we have professionals who are willing to meet with you virtually and are more than qualified to work in your industry. When preparing your taxes, you should select a tax preparer you trust and carefully review their work.

Bankeo's extensive network allows us to find help for businesses of all sizes, in all industries and in all parts of the country. Our network of CPAs, accountants and auditors covers all of Canada. We can find the best tax preparer near you - just fill out the form and let us know what help you need.
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What does a tax preparer do?

There are a wide range of tasks that tax preparers can help with, for both individuals and businesses. For example, if you are buying real estate, stocks or working abroad, you will probably need advice. It's especially important to seek advice if you have a business tax return, such as if you are a sole proprietor or shareholder of an incorporated business. You probably don't know which tax forms to fill out if you own a sole proprietorship or are part of a General Partnership (GP).

With the help of a tax preparer, you can analyze your business situation and select the form and schedule that is best for you. Most large companies hire a tax preparer to ensure that they are paying their corporate taxes correctly and optimizing them. Those who work across borders or operate more than one business should seek tax advice. In this context, a tax preparer can help with tax planning, which should not be confused with tax evasion or tax fraud, which are illegal activities.

Tax management services

Tax preparers assist clients with a variety of tax preparation and planning decisions using strategies that reduce tax liabilities, maximize cash flow and align your finances with your financial goals.

Retirement Tax

A tax professional is an excellent resource to help you plan for your retirement. The goal of a tax professional is to help you achieve your financial goals and maintain your financial independence in retirement.

Financial and tax planning

Tax preparers can help you through difficult decision-making practices such as investment performance monitoring, asset allocation, retirement plans, college funds, estate, business succession planning and insurance, and taxation.

Optimize tax deductions

Having a tax preparer oversee your finances will help you get the most deductions possible. Make the most of every deduction and tax credit owed to you and your business by getting the best tax advice.

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