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Integrate Bankeo into your business and provide a fast, easy, and free solution for your users to find the accountant that's right for them.
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Joining Bankeo means :

Increased visibility

By joining the Bankeo network, your company benefits from a presence on our partner page, reinforcing your reputation and your brand image with a large audience.
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"Syncing sales with inventory was so smooth with Unicorns. No more gaps between sales and merchandise while dealing with prospective leads."
-Rudra Ghosh, CEO, Vermillion

Easy integration

We provide you with simple and customizable tools to integrate a Bankeo form directly on your website or to redirect your users to a dedicated Bankeo page.
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"We've hit our projected numbers and more with the ability to take action with real-time data."
-Pritom Rani, VP Sales, Cobalt

Integrated accounting software

Quebec accounting software included at no charge.
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"We've hit our projected numbers and more with the ability to take action with real-time data."
-Pritom Rani, VP Sales, Cobalt

Customer satisfaction

Offer your customers a fast, easy, and free way to find the right accountant for their needs. As a Bankeo partner, you're helping to improve their customer experience.
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Win-win collaboration

Our partnership is based on a relationship of trust and collaboration, fostering the mutual growth of our companies. By working together, we create a strong and sustainable ecosystem.
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Data Integration

Sync systems and departments so you no longer have to wait for numbers

Daily Task Management

Prioritize and plan out your time based on shifting business needs


Communicate with your team right on your dashboard to avoid crossed wires and lost emails

Frequently asked questions

Still have doubts? These answers may help you.
What are the criteria for becoming a Bankeo partner?

We are looking for serious and committed companies or organizations willing to work with us to provide the best possible service to their customers. Interested companies should submit an application by filling out the partnership registration form.

Are there any fees associated with the Bankeo partnership?

No, there are no fees associated with becoming a Bankeo partner. Our goal is to create a win-win collaboration for both parties.

How does the Bankeo integration work on our website?

Once your partnership is approved, we will provide you with the tools and resources to easily embed a Bankeo form on your website or redirect your users to a dedicated Bankeo page.

Can I end the partnership at any time?

Yes, you may terminate the partnership at any time by contacting us. Please note that termination of the partnership will result in the deactivation of Bankeo-related features on your website.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

We do. We offer a sliding scale for non-profits based on your needs and size. Let's talk further.

Do you offer referral programs?

Not yet but watch this space for more soon!