How does Bankeo work?

3 simple steps!
Find your specialist

1. Tell us about yourself

Fast and easy
Fill out our form or schedule an appointment with our team to talk about you, your business and the type of bookkeeper you are looking for.
Find your specialist

2. Meet your ideal accounting specialist

No risk and no commitment
Make an appointment with the accounting specialist best suited to your situation.
It's 100% free.
Find your specialist

3. Guaranteed quality

Our team follows your file from start to finish
Accountants, CPAs, tax specialists, etc. We know the best professionals in every industry, every city and for every budget.
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Powering the success of his business with AI

Our Artificial Intelligence will find you the ideal accountant

Some technologies used

Services offered

Say goodbye to wasting hours looking for your ideal accounting specialist!
Finding an accounting specialist should be fast, easy and free.
Here's why entrepreneurs choose Bankeo to meet their needs.
Find your specialist

Accounting adjustment

Production of your accounting in delay including your financial statements.


Production of bookkeeping including the entry of invoices and taxes.


Tax filing for individuals, self-employed or businesses.


Creation of companies, regardless of their legal status.
The network

Accountants across Québec

Frequently asked questions

Not sure yet?
Does it cost anything to use Bankeo?

No. Our services are completely free. We provide you with a 100% free, no-obligation referral to an accountant who can help you with your needs.

Can Bankeo help me with my accounting?

Sorry, Bankeo is not a team of accountants. We are a matchmaking platform to help you find the best professional accountant(s) to help you with all your needs. Simply fill out the free request form and our system will match you directly with the most suitable partner in our network.

Is the docking instantaneous?

Absolutely! When you fill in your request, we evaluate your request with the different profiles of accounting specialists we have in our network to bring out the accountant(s) best suited to your situation.

What happens if I decide not to work with the proposed accounting specialist?

No problem! Our team follows you through the process to ensure that even if the relationship with the identified accounting specialist does not work out, we will find you another option, always at no cost.

How do I know if the accounting specialists offered are of good quality?

Accounting specialists in our network are personally interviewed by a Bankeo account manager before joining the professional directory. Our team is constantly working to bring in new qualified partners while maintaining relationships with our current partners to ensure the highest quality.
In addition, we will follow you every step of the way to ensure that you find the right accountant for your situation, no matter how your day-to-day life changes.

Do you have accounting specialists near me?

Bankeo has a vast network of accounting specialists throughout Canada. Whether you prefer local or virtual, we can help you find the right professional for your specific needs.

If the service is free, how does Bankeo make money?

We work in partnership with a large number of accountants who pay to access advanced features of our platform as well as your request to communicate with you and send you a quote. They use Bankeo to promote their practice and have the opportunity to work with new clients, continuously and easily.

What happens after I meet with my accounting specialist?

Once you've met them, it's like any other partnership.
Bankeo partners are qualified and trustworthy because you are guaranteed to find your ideal accountant, no matter what the situation. Rest assured that you've made the right choice in working with Bankeo.

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